Developing organisational and financial models
for including non-formal sector qualifications
in National Qualifications Frameworks

Work Packages and Intellectual Outputs

Five Work Packages (WP) and nine Intellectual Outputs (IO) are envisaged in the project.

Work Package 1 will produce a methodology to be used for the preparation of the country reports. The basic concept and terms used in the reports will be defined. The data and information formats will be defined and potential data sources indicated. A country report template will be prepared, defining its structure, scope, list of problems to be addressed, approximate size of each main chapter. The Educational Research Institute (IBE) is leading this work, with each partner involved in reviewing the proposed methodology.

The Work Package 2 consists of the country reports – an in-depth analysis of systemic solutions related to the inclusion of non-formal sector qualifications in the seven countries of the partnership. The University of Split (UNIST) is the leader of WP2, responsible for coordinating the work on the country reports according to the developed methodology.

Work Package 3 will produce the final intellectual output – the organisational and financial models for including non-formal qualification in NQFs. Each developed model will include a description of:
- institutional arrangements, their pros and cons depending on the different goals set for the NQF, and the broad national, institutional and cultural contexts,
- cost intensity – how cost intensive are the different systemic solutions envisaged by the model,
- recommendations on its financing; who should bear the cost of the functioning of the new systemic solutions – should the financing be provided solely or jointly by the state, learners, social partners, awarding bodies,
- “conditions of success”, i.e. which conditions have to be met in order for a particular model to work effectively within the qualifications system, e.g. financial resources, involvement of stakeholders, a well-developed career guidance system, appropriately qualified administration officials, etc.

IBE is also the leader of WP3. Each partner will review and contribute to the improvement of the models proposed by IBE.

Work Package 4 consists of dissemination activities. Each partner will contribute significantly to the dissemination of the products within their country and at the EU level.

Work Package 5 concerns project coordination, management and quality assurance activities, which are the responsibility of IBE, with each partner providing support to these activities.

The following intellectual outputs are being produced within the NQF-IN project:
- IO1: Methodology of preparing country reports,
- IO2 – IO8: country report for Croatia, Czech Republic, France, Hungary, Ireland, Poland, Scotland,
- IO9: Models of including non-formal sector qualifications in the NQF.