Developing organisational and financial models
for including non-formal sector qualifications
in National Qualifications Frameworks

Project meetings

The second meeting of NQF-IN project partners was held in Dublin, Ireland on 1-2 February 2016.
The participants in the Dublin meeting represented all partner institutions from France (CÉREQ), Ireland (DIT), United Kingdom (SCQFP), Hungary (OH), Croatia (University of Split), Czech Republic (NUV) and Poland (IBE – project leader).

The meeting was held to work on the structure and methodology of producing reports on how each partner country includes qualifications awarded outside of the formal education sectors (general, VET, HE) in national qualifications frameworks. During the meeting, the results of a literature review of this topic was presented. Each partner also made a detailed presentation on the scope and procedures of including different types of qualifications in their country’s qualifications system. Additionally, plans for future project activities and meetings were discussed.
Producing the country reports according to an agreed methodology will contribute to the main aim of the project, which is to support decision makers in EU Member States as well as European institutions (European Commission, Cedefop, European Training Foundation) in developing policies to include qualifications attained outside of the formal education systems  in national qualifications frameworks.


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