Developing organisational and financial models
for including non-formal sector qualifications
in National Qualifications Frameworks

Target groups

Three beneficiary groups of the results of our project can be distinguished, among whom are two direct beneficiaries and an indirect one:

  1. Policy-makers at the regional, national and EU levels in the area of VET, CVET, LLL, NQF, key stakeholders participating in designing systemic solutions for including non-formal sector qualifications into an NQF (employer organisations, trade unions, branch organisations, training providers, awarding bodies, higher education). Additionally, experts from EU Agencies can also benefit from our project (European Commission, Cedefop, European Training Foundation).
  2. Researchers, academicians, and other groups involved in lifelong learning policies nationally and in Europe.
  3. The vast group of adult learners who will benefit from better VET and LLL policies. As per Eurostat (Adult Education Survey), 36.8% percent of adults (25-64) are in non-formal education and training in the EU-28 – a group of over 100 million persons, all of whom could indirectly benefit from the project.

Any interested person may comment on the products uploaded to the website, which will then be analysed by the project team. Interested persons will also be able to attend the multiplier events or participate via event web streaming.