Developing organisational and financial models
for including non-formal sector qualifications
in National Qualifications Frameworks

National Institute for Education (NÚV)

The primary missions of the National Institute for Education, Education Counselling Centre and Centre for Continuing Education of Teachers ((Národní ústav pro vzdělávání - NÚV) are to provide comprehensive assistance for the development of general and vocational education; to support its goals, content and continuity; to contribute to curriculum innovation and development; to provide professional support; and to develop a system of advisory centres. All of these goals are in line with European strategies for the development of lifelong learning and consultancy.

As an institution supporting general, vocational and technical education and consulting, the Institute is involved in various international activities, and fulfils tasks connected with European structures and networks of institutions for general and vocational education, as well as institutions providing educational and psychological consulting.
NUV is a public non-profit organisation within the Ministry of Education, Youth and Sports, and employs approximately 200 people. NUV has been involved in many systematic, national and international projects as an experienced recipient or partner.

Main tasks and activities relevant for the project proposal are: creation of framework educational programmes (national curricula), supporting in developing schools educational programmes, further education of teachers and other pedagogical staff, career guidance, labour market analysis (sectorial and national), analytical surveys, evaluation of teaching strategies and policies, implementation of EQF.

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National Institute for Education
Address: Weilova 1271/6, 102 00 Prague, Czech Republic
Phone number: (+42) 274 022 111
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Web site: www.nuv.cz