Developing organisational and financial models
for including non-formal sector qualifications
in National Qualifications Frameworks

Sylwia Walicka

National Qualifications Framework Project Expert at the Educational Research Institute (IBE) in Warsaw.

Her area of expertise includes implementation of NQF, validation of learning outcomes, assessment methods, designing the process of validation, quality assurance of validation, best practices of non-formal and informal learning, counselling and advising systems, and lifelong learning policies. Expert within the working group on Upskilling pathways: new opportunities for adults.

She is co-author of the publications: The validation of learning outcomes in Poland - new opportunities for attaining qualifications (in English), Including non-formal sector qualifications in the National Qualifications Framework in Poland (in English), Validation in Europe. A review of selected practices (in Polish).

As a short-term Expert she worked within EU-funded Twinning Light Project Support to the modernization of the system for post-secondary education in the former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia.

Additionally, she worked as a manager of the Erasmus+ project which main aim is to develop a new professional qualification using EU instruments as ECVET and EQAVET that delivers relevant skills, knowledge and competences for e-waste recycling and re-use management professionals.

Within the ESF project Support to central government administration, awarding bodies and quality assurance institutions in implementing stage I of the Integrated Qualifications System she was responsible for developing the online platform of best practices in validation of non-formal and informal learning. She is co-editor of Best practice of the validation of learning outcomes in Scotland – qualification “Managing Waste Operations Transfer of Hazardous Waste” (in Polish), Best practice of the validation of learning outcomes in France – qualification “Professional Hair Styling” (in Polish), Best practice of quality assurance of the validation process in the United Kingdom based on the medical exam MRCP(UK) (in Polish).

She has a double Master’s degree in the humanities at the University of Warsaw and the University of Sorbonne in Paris. Currently she is a PhD candidate at the Polish Academy of Sciences. Fluent in Polish, French and English.