Developing organisational and financial models
for including non-formal sector qualifications
in National Qualifications Frameworks

Aleksandra Banić

Aleksandra Banić, Mag Oec, acting as a Head of the EU projects Office at the University of Split, has a fifteen-years’ experience, out of which seven in the science and higher education sector. Up to nowadays, has been involved in many EU funded projects in different programmes, such as TEMPUS, Erasmus, LLP, FP7, Horizon 2020, Erasmus + and EU funds (ERDF, ESF). Her role in projects varies from project administrative assistant to project coordinator (Erasmus +, KA 2, SP, SBeA - Student Business e-Academy).

Her experience is enriched with participation in various domestic and international staff trainings, workshops and conferences. In 2015, she organised and led International Staff Training Week with the topic “Administration and Managememnt of EU funded projects”. Future interests include further specialisation in administration, management and dissemination of EU funded projects.
Besides this, her domain of expertise also involves dissemination strategies, plans, execution of dissemination activities, measuring impact, which is the area of her research and work at postgraduate studies at the Faculty of Economics, University of Split.

Besides NQF IN, she has been involved in two European projects related to the domain of qualifications framework: IPA – Competitive Higher Education for Better Employment and TEMPUS BHQFHE - BH Qualification Framework for Higher Education (BHQFHE).