Developing organisational and financial models
for including non-formal sector qualifications
in National Qualifications Frameworks

Erzsébet Szlamka

Erzsébet Szlamka worked for the National Institute of Vocational and Adult Education, then for the Ministry of Human Capacities, where she organised an international conference on EQF. She now works for the Educational Authority as a qualifications framework expert. Erzsébet Szlamka is a member of the team developing the Hungarian Qualifications Framework, where she is responsible for international cooperation and the management of NQF-related projects, including the coordination of the NCP and harmonisation of SROP projects. She is a member of the EQF Advisory Group and she also participated in the Polish referencing process as an international expert. She has QF and LLL expertise, extensive experience in dissemination (organized several conferences, roundtable discussions, PLAs, most important ones: Hu Presidency conference, Hungarian QF conferences, Polish PLA – co-organizer), communication skills (delivered several presentations on LLL and QF, communication with stakeholders at all levels), international experience, cooperation at international level (Central European NCPs, ETF, COM, Cedefop) and experience in public administration etc.