Developing organisational and financial models
for including non-formal sector qualifications
in National Qualifications Frameworks

Zoltán Loboda

Zoltán Loboda has spent almost fifteen years of experience in senior and leaders position in policy domains of the Ministry of Education covering EU affairs, international relations and strategic planning of European Social Fund, policy information provision to international organisations and coordinating comparative analysis.

His main policy responsibilities were addressed to: prepare governmental education positions in decision-making process of the EU and other international organisations; prepare and coordinate strategic planning for European Social Fund Programs between 2004-2006;  coordinate Hungarian participation in different OECD thematic programs and comparative analysis; compile and prepare the drafting of LLL Strategy for Hungary (2005 – 2013) and management of the whole process until Government adoption and monitoring of its implementation; redraft a new Government Lifelong Strategy in accordance with the EU ESF ex-ante criteria for the period 2014-2020; lead the conceptual and operational work for elaboration of Hungarian Qualification Framework; take part in the strategic Task Force commissioned to draw up a strategy Against Early School Leaving.

During the Hungarian Presidency of the European Union he chaired the EU Education Committee, managed the implementation of the Presidency program and the preparation of Council dossiers in the field of education including negotiation on legal texts with Member States and Commission and the preparation of policy related professional content for Council meetings and professional events. Zoltan Loboda now is working for the Educational Authority and responsible for managing international projects, taking part in EQF implementation and HuQF developments.